Saturday, March 09, 2013

He hates all geography

Ugh, what is this?  Why is this ground slanted?  It comes to this rocky point.  That's stupid.  It's really hard to walk on.  Not that you'd want to bother.  When you walk on it it's like you're pointed in the wrong direction.  It's really stupid.  They should flatten this out and plant some plants so it's not so rocky and slanted.  The terrain is moronic.  I hate this.
- on mountains

No.  Everything's flat for like a few hundred yards, and then there's just this moronic drop.  Make up your stupid mind, do you want to be up there or do you want to be down here?  There's no reason for this to be here.  You can't even go up to the top of it because the sides of it are too high to walk up.  So it's just this waste of dirt and rock.
- on plateaus

There's all this disgusting sediment.  That stupid wavy blue line is probably dumping it.  Someone should get this sediment out of here.
- on river deltas

Yeah, great idea.  Dig a hole in a triangle and fill it with red liquid.  Pretty obvious no one thought this all the way through.
- on volcanoes

I don't know what I'm looking at, but it looks pretty stupid.
- on glacial inlets

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